Face Values: SF Series —Episode 8

Stealing Face Values

Warren Brown
2 min readMar 27, 2021


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Does our lifestyle change our facial features?

What if a person changes their lifestyle in order to change their facial features?

A killer is stealing Face values from his victims.

This killer is an identity snatcher with the ability to steal the face values of his victims. The Crime Value Application has developed anonymously on the web to steal the identity of a person.

A billionaire with a high Face Value was found murdered in his bed and he was still dressed in his bathrobes. Lord Palmer was a very popular man and he had a lot of enemies. He owned two islands, four yachts, five mansions, and two jets. He had two six ex-wives and he was on the lookout for wife number seven. There was a printed note left beside the corpse which read, “Fools Walk Where Angels Fear to Tread.”

Marcy Davis a leading criminologist was found murdered at her home. Marcy was a leading expert in her field and was killed in suspicious circumstances. She was found murdered with a zero face value on her body.

A note was left beside the corpse of the criminologist which read, “The Killer is the Victim and the Victim is the Killer.”

The third victim a teenage gymnast was found hanging from the ceiling of his room. His two friends were found poisoned having drunk wine at the kitchen table. There was a printed note with the words printed, “Exercise Can Kill You”.

The fourth victims were an elderly couple who were found dead in their flat. They had both been bludgeoned to death. The killer had left a printed note beside the bodies of the couple which read, “The Invisible elderly have no place in the Face Value Society.”

Merle Grayson knew that the killer was the same person, a man or a woman who had crossed paths with all four victims. It was a young person, with a record of crime in his past. The person did not like the elderly and had probably had a history of violence. It was possible that the killer was a patient of the criminologist Marcy Davis.

Merle looks through the files of the criminologist and checks out the profiles of a few of the patients. She next does a face value crime evaluation and comes up with a result. Carol Queen was declared insane by Marcy Davis. She was locked away for life after killing twelve artists. Carol Queen escaped the asylum for the insane a month ago.

Six Fashion Models were missing and a phone message was left that there was to be a photoshoot in the woods.



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