Augmented Reality revolutionizing Tourism

The Interactive Holiday Experience

Warren Brown


Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Traveling without really traveling. Having all the fun and experience of a holiday without moving away from home.

Augmented Reality technology is similar to Virtual Reality. However, in AR, the environment of the real world is not replaced. It augments the real environment with digital components.

Augmented Reality has become extremely popular with the travel industry, as they are given the opportunity to advertise certain features. The primary features that the travel industry can now focus on highlighting are hotel rooms and local sights.

Customers today, are more familiar with using their mobile phones, so using an augmented reality app would be very convenient. This is a great way for hotels, holiday destinations to advertise their places of interest and drive business, with the help of tourist-friendly augmented reality apps.

The travel industry is being transformed by AR and VH in amazing ways. Enjoy an immersive holiday experience with augmented reality-powered spectacles and headsets.

Enjoy the fantastic walk on city streets with augmented reality tours with the help of mobile apps, like City Guide Tour and Street Life. You can walk in a city a thousand miles away while sitting in…