Culture-Cultural Diversity-Comic Strip

Read, contribute and enjoy cultural diversity

Comic strip created and published by the Author, Warren "Storyteller" Brown

I hope that you enjoy reading the comic strip I created on spreading the news about my latest publication on Culture and Diversity in the world today.

You are welcome to follow, read, contribute and enjoy the articles and stories in this publication.

Prompt- Writer- Writing Rituals

Do you have writing rituals?

Image created and presented by the Author, Warren "Storyteller" Brown

The Writing 101 Prompt contest topic for February 2022 is “Writing Rituals”. Do you have a particular writing ritual that you need to follow in order for you to write every day?

My writing ritual used to be to make notes in my journal throughout the day. In the evening…

Warren "Storyteller" Brown

Warren Brown is an Author, Writing & Life Coach, Copywriter, Artist. Warren has written 1414 stories.

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