Blending imagination with creativity, and a passion for Writing

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I love writing with passion and enthusiasm for my topics. I sincerely believe that we are on the brink of a Renaissance in the field of independent writing and publishing.

My thriller fiction series “The Publish and Die Protocol” is set in a futuristic world of independent publishing.

“Bound Free” is the second fiction series about time-traveling adventures, across time, history, in the quest for treasures, love, and freedom.

I have been a self-published author with a number of fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon KDP, Smashwords, and Draft2Digital publishing platforms…

Looking forward to completing 200 more stories to reach 1000

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I have completed my 800th article and this is my 801st article today. Join me as I celebrate my 800th article written on Medium.

I have always enjoyed writing and blogging. I write fiction, poetry and I have also completed a few novels. Medium has given me an opportunity to share my articles with the world on a variety of topics, which interest me.

The craft of writing only develops the more a person keeps writing. I feel that I have the opportunity to write every day. …

To change your life and your world

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Think about your future.

There is no need to dwell,

In the past that has been.

Look towards your future,

A new way of living and loving,

A new way of being yet unseen.

There is no time to think small,

About the white picket fence,

Or the new game of football,

Or the barricade of a wall.

Think big and think great,

You need to make something,

Special with your life,

To share with your family,

Your mother, your girlfriend, and your wife.

Think greater thoughts today,

Your thoughts are your own,

To use and re-use every day,


Make new connections in our brain neurons

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You have developed and created your brain,

Over the years of your life and growth.

You are the master of your mind,

You are the Commander of your boat.

Start by learning new interesting skills,

To make your brain develop and advance,

Whether it is playing a new instrument,

Or learning a new and exciting dance.

All the neurons in our brain,

Fire up with electricity,

By what we do and what we see.

Our brains have complex,

Electrical power and circuitry,

Which buzzes every second,

Which buzzes with activity every hour.

The neuron network of impulses,

Watch, learn, and…

Change Your Routine

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It is re-invention time.

It is time to change the way you look at the world,

It is re-invention time,

Time to change perspectives and start anew.

Change your life by changing your routine.

Take up something new and interesting,

Learn a new language, exercise, and sing.

Only when we learn to adapt to change,

We can observe the world in a different range,

Of living, working, loving, and playing.

It is up to you and not too soon,

If you want to live your old life,

Or live life to a brand-new tune.

Re-invent yourself today,

Change your mind…


As we sail on the sea of life

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Sailor where do you steer your ship?

Sailor where do you take your destiny?

Do you follow the North Star,

As you cross the open sea?

It is up to you and not too soon,

If you want to live your old life,

Or live life to a brand-new tune.

You can start by making small changes,

In the way that you live and work,

In the way that you interact with the world.

We all need to change in the way we live and think,

We all need to embrace change, as we rise and sink.

We can ride…

Warren Brown

Warren Brown is an Author, Writing Coach, Life Coach, Copywriter, Artist, and Hypnotherapist living in London. Warren has written over 800 stories on Medium.

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